Transferring to Our Hospital

Transferring to Our Hospital

If you have determined that a rehabilitation hospital is right for your recovery, you or your physician should contact our admissions office. A representative from our hospital will come to you to perform a pre-admission screening within 24 hours and can coordinate your transfer to our hospital.

The typical referral process:

  • A request is made for a patient to be evaluated by one of our rehabilitation liaisons.
  • The liaison conducts a screening to determine if the patient meets criteria for admission to an acute inpatient rehabilitation hospital. The screening includes a chart review, a discussion with healthcare personnel and a meeting with the patient and their family to address pertinent information, concerns and questions.
  • The next available appropriate bed is offered to the patient. Often this process occurs within hours.

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Patient Testimonial

Pete Saenz
“I can say this about HealthSouth, it’s a professional hospital with people who care and have a plan of care that is individual to the person and their illness. They are always ready to work, motivating me and being attentive to my emotions and physical needs. They go out of their way to make you feel like this can be done. Thank you, HealthSouth!”
Pete Saenz

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