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Rukmina Pathak

Rukmina Pathak

Following her normal morning routine one day, Rukmina Pathak, 58, was wrapping up her household chores when something went terribly wrong. Rukmina collapsed to the floor with complete left-sided paralysis including her face, arm and leg. Her speech slurred and extreme pain filled her head.
“The pain in my head was unbearable!” Rukmina exclaimed, recalling the fearful moment that stole her independence.
After being rushed to the hospital, doctors learned that Rukmina had suffered an aneurysm rupture on the right side of her brain. A surgeon performed a clipping of the right middle cerebral artery to prevent any further bleeding. She remained in the acute care hospital for 15 days to stabilize before choosing to move to HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital in Albuquerque to take back her independence.
Upon her arrival, Rukmina required total assistance to care for herself. She was unable to dress herself, bathe, toilet, get in and out of bed or walk. She required assistance to feed herself and struggled with her inability to communicate. Despite the negatives, Rukmina found HealthSouth a positive place to be.
“Everyone greeted me pleasantly when I arrived at HealthSouth,” Rukmina said. “My rehabilitation team always treated me with delight and due respect. I loved spending my time with my therapist…all caring and friendly.”
Rukmina’s favorite part of the day was visiting the gym to work out and watch other patients progress in their therapies. Through her strong work ethic and amazing family support, Rukmina made great progress at HealthSouth. In fact, by discharge, she could feed herself and required little hands-on help for self-care activities. She may have rolled into HealthSouth upon admission. But, 29 days later, Rukmina walked out on her own using only a walker at discharge.
Once Rukmina returned home, she continued her HealthSouth journey in outpatient therapy, receiving occupational, physical and speech therapies. Staying true to her work ethic, she was able to walk on her own and no longer needed self-care assistance after three months of outpatient therapy.
Today Rukmina enjoys spending time with her family, especially her grandkids. She loves to shop and attends appointments with her family members. She gladly recommends HealthSouth to others for rehabilitation.

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