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Rachel Young

Rachel Young

Rachel Young was your normal 27-year-old-woman enjoying life to its fullest when it suddenly veered off course for an unexpected twist. Rachel was involved in a serious car accident, causing the vehicle she was in to rollover uncontrollably. Not wearing a seatbelt, she was ejected from the vehicle and was left with an incomplete spinal cord injury.
After stabilizing during a month-long hospital visit, Rachel was admitted to HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital in Albuquerque, N.M. She was weak, nervous, unable to stand or sit up without passing out or vomiting, and could not perform self-care activities like dressing, toileting and bathing. Still, from the start, Rachel knew she would overcome this challenge and was able to keep herself motivated to get better.
“The staff at HealthSouth was so very friendly and caring from the moment I arrived,” Rachel said. “They were positive from the beginning and it remained that way through outpatient therapy.”
Rachel’s rehabilitation team made her feel comfortable, treating her like a real person, not someone who was doomed for life because of a spinal cord injury.
“I looked forward to teasing my therapist during treatment sessions,” Rachel laughed. “It was this spirit that pushed me to improve daily.”
Following one month of intense therapy, Rachel could care for herself independently from a wheelchair, making amazing progress. She continued her therapy program in outpatient therapy, where she began to walk again, moving from braces, to a walker, and finally, to her own two feet.
At the age of 29, Rachel is now back to living a full life. She attends college and loves to travel. When asked what makes HealthSouth so different, Rachel smiles.
“They never stop caring,” she said. “Even today, they care about how I am doing, although I’ve graduated from rehabilitation. The overall positivity of the entire staff

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