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Santiago “Jimmie” Valles

Santiago “Jimmie” Valles

On March 2, 2014, 67 year old, Santiago “Jimmie” Valles, began displaying symptoms of a stroke. His speech was slurred, he hadtrouble walking and experienced severe weakness on the left side of his body. He was immediately admitted to an acute care hospital where he discovered that he’d suffered from an acute and sub-acute pontine stroke. Jimmie spent four days in the hospital before being admitted to HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital in Albuquerque.

Jimmie chose HealthSouth based on our accreditation by The Joint Commission Disease-Specific Certification in Stroke Rehabilitation. He arrived at our hospital with a great attitude, and was determined to work hard and get better.

“From the first day I arrived at HealthSouth, everyone was very nice,” Jimmie recalls. “The staff knew my name and room number. I felt very welcome.”

When he arrived, he was unable to stand or roll over in bed, and he needed assistance for all of his self-care tasks. He could not use his left arm or leg at all, and he knew he had a tough road ahead of him.

When speaking about his rehabilitation team, Jimmie describes them as “wonderful.”

At times, Jimmie found it hard to maintain his positive attitude, but “the staff at HealthSouth always made me feel that anything was attainable.” He soon realized that through his perseverance, he was slowly beginning to regain movements and skills.

“They were always there to encourage me and they worked me hard,” Jimmie says. “The therapists and nurses were tough, but caring.”

Jimmie utilized HealthSouth’s advanced technologies to build strength. The RT300, an electrical stimulation cycle for that allows individuals to regain physical activity and relax spasms, helped him greatly on his journey to recovery.

When Jimmie was discharged from HealthSouth, he was able to dress and bathe himself, walk with a quad cane, and climb stairs under supervision.

Today, Jimmie is still working on regaining more movements in his left arm and leg and continues to improve. 

“At HealthSouth, my care was a team effort,” Jimmie says. “My occupational, physical and speech therapists worked together towards one common goal: my independence.”

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