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Christa Sexton's Update

Christa Sexton update

Riding a motorcycle with the wind in your face, leaving your troubles behind, feeling a rush of adrenaline as you see the speedometer creep higher and higher is what some people including Christa Sexton, consider therapeutic.

Although exhilarating, motorcycles can be very dangerous. In 2010, Christa took an afternoon ride that changed her life forever. In a horrible accident, she was thrown off her bike headfirst into a fire truck, causing a spinal cord injury.

Since that day, Christa has worked relentlessly to live a normal life as a C6 tetraplegic. Her determination and strength have led her on an amazing journey.

Christa came to HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital to get back her independence. With HealthSouth’s advanced technologies, experienced teams and personalized treatments, she was able to get back home and in the community – sooner. She raised her son, Carter, on her own since 2011, learned to drive a car using her hands and began working at Wal-Mart. Christa moved up in the company from a greeter to a manager.

Later, she moved from New Mexico to Iowa on her own and currently resides in Kansas. She was married in July 2014 to her husband, Eric, and is now the mother of two beautiful boys.

Today, Christa continues to work towards her independence while perusing a degree in human services and will begin her master’s program in psychology shortly after. She is living proof that determination leads to endless possibilities.